ESKASAN has been established by Muharrem Zühtü Atıl, Satılmış Sakallı and Nevzat Elibüyük in 1970. Their initial Project was the production of hydraulic pipes for agricultural tractors with a specifically designed bending machine by this team. Production has been extended to the next level with the addition of metal cutting processes with increasing number of CNC machining centers upto 1990s. After this period, production started for defence industry and consequently the plant has been relocated to the current location.

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To be the leading global company responding to expectations of the society with a reliable, innovative, fair and respectful approach for all stakeholders

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Comprehending and meeting the customer expectations at the highest level keeping the readiness for the next level

Internalizing a management policy based on national and international legal rules, legislations and ethical principles, employing the team at the best conditions

Increasing the service level in the industrial sector and keeping the leading position in the competition

Featuring the education and training to compose a competent work force

Emphasizing the gender equality at all positions of the production and supporting the female labor force in the industry

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