• The application form or an e-mail containing required qualifications and competencies is sent to Human Resources Dept by the related manager.

• Applications are to be made through our company's web site or through the contracted social media platform (kariyer.net).

• CVs of the suitable candidates among the applications are checked initially by the Human Resources and related department followed by the interviewing process of the human resources manager. The candidate is invited to the interview by a telephone call or email and relevant information is given such as place and the attendants of the interview. Following th einterview the evaluation process starts. References of the suitable candidates may be checked. In case of perfect match, an email contains the job offer will be sent to the candidates and if the candidate accepts the offer, the recruitment process will be started. The candidates whose interview appraisal process fail will get the negative feedback via phone call or email.

• The list of required documents for employment entry is sent with an email. Employees are informed to deliver all the documents within three business days.

• ADepending on the legal requirements, the personnel file of the hired employee is prepared and maintained by the personnel affairs manager of the human resources.


• On top of orientation programs, in-house trainings' details (subject of the training, audiences, name of the trainer, location, date, and time) are annpunced by quailty management system manager and human resources via email.

• The effectiveness of the training can be measured by exams or personal evaluations of the department managers.

Employment application form You can follow our vacant positions on Kariyer.net